SURGICAL in Newport Beach, CA

SURGICAL in Newport Beach, CA

Early detection and treatment of skin cancers or growths can have a drastic effect on reducing the impact any surgical procedure.  Dr. Jennifer Channual, Dr. Anny Xiao & Dr. Cameron Trodello perform minimally invasive biopsies and excisions to treat the plethora of skin ailments, including the removal of moles, cysts, lipomas and warts.  When indicated, Dr. Jennifer Channual, Dr. Anny Xiao, Dr. Cameron Trodello & Dr. Mortazie also have a strong network of Mohs surgeons and dermatopathologists to get to the root of any dermatology related issues.

A Close-up of a Person's Mole on Stomach | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA


Moles or “nevi” are benign growths of pigment cells that can range in color from flesh-colored to pink and dark brown. Some patients have a very few moles, but some have numerous moles. Many moles are harmless, but heavy and chronic sun exposure, frequent sunburns, tanning bed use, having fair skin, and a genetic predisposition can increase the chances of a mole becoming abnormal (“atypical”) or into a life threatening skin cancer, such as melanoma. When caught early, melanoma has a survival rate of 95% after 5 years. Therefore, early detection is incredibly important. The “ABCDEs” (Asymmetry, Borders that are jagged, Colors that are different, Diameter larger than an eraser on a pencil, and Evolution/enlargement) and sun protection can help prevent skin cancer. Unwanted moles can be easily removed for cosmetic purposes.

A Diagram of Skin Cancer | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA

Skin Cancer Removal

Routine skin checks are integral in keeping your skin healthy & can help lead to early skin cancer detection. The length of time a skin cancer has been allowed to grow vs. the first detectable biopsy has a huge impact on the outcome of the skin cancer treatment. Dr. Jennifer Channual, Dr. Trodello, Dr. Anny Xiao, and Dr. Mortazie perform biopsies and excisions of skin cancers daily, on all areas of the skin.

Doctor Examining a Mole Using Magnetic Glass on a Person's Back | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA


Cysts can be bothersome nodules that are painful or produce malodorous discharge. Sometimes they can become infected or inflamed, which may require drainage or injection of steroids to help alleviate any discomfort. Once calm, the cysts can be surgically removed.

Men's Lipomas | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA


Lipomas are nodules composed of adipose (fat) tissue inside. They can be numerous in number and vary in location. Although considered benign, treatment while at a smaller size can lead to better healing and reduced scarring.

Skin Tags | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA

Skin Tags

Skin tags are benign growths of excess skin commonly found along skinfolds that can be painful or irritated when caught on clothing, but are otherwise harmless. Skin tags can be treated with cryosurgery (“freezing”), electrodessication (“burning”), or excision (cutting off) depending on the size and location.

Unusual Skin Growth | Newport Cove Dermatology in Newport Beach, CA

Skin Growths

Various skin growths may be concerning, especially if it is new, bleeding, changing, or easily irritated. Sometimes it may be a benign growth, such as a seborrheic keratosis as shown, or it may be a skin cancer. Alleviate your concerns by having the lesion evaluated.


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